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Cosmos International Pageant

"The Most Beautiful Girls in All of the Cosmos"

BEAUTY OF THE MONTH -Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Katie Hitchens

Just thinking about all the fabulous things ahead, including my upcoming trip to Barcelona for the @arnoldclassiceurope! Good thing I have my @crowncouturecollection crown case and appearance wardrobe from @be_social_dressboutique! 👑💃🏻 @arnoldpageant @missarnoldteenfitness #arnoldsportsfestival #missarnoldteenfitnesspageant #missarnoldteenfitness 📸 Serdar Gulmez 💄HMU: @shaylynsford — with Crown Couture Collection by Lindley, Arnold Sports Festival, Be Social Dress Boutique and Crown Garland, LLC.


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    Art & Beauty Magazine is a publication dedicated to pageant fans around the world. The magazine covers everything from fashion, beauty, health/fitness, inspirational [...]

September 15th – New York Fashion Week 2.0

Tickets on sale August 1st!