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PAGEANT Talks Presents: Miss Orange County USA Brittani Acuff

PAGEANT Talks Presents:
Miss Orange County USA Brittani Acuff


What one word describes you?

Who is your role model?
It’s a tie between Dolly Parton & Oprah

Name a charity you are passionate about and explain why it matters to you. How do you show your support?
Its really tough to pick just one. But I am going to be biased and say, the non-profit that I am the Community Relations & Event Coordinator for Two Spirit Health Services. This is a non-profit, full service mental & medical health facility that specializes in LGBTQ+ Healthcare regardless of insurance.  From HIV/AIDS prevention, HRT or just plain primary care we are here to make sure that the LGBTQ+ Community gets the healthcare they deserve.

It is so important to me, because being an Ally is one of the most important aspects of my life. There is nothing wrong whatsoever with loving who you love & being who you are!

So with being an Ally my whole life, I have always worked with LGBTQ+ Individuals and organizations but Two Spirit captured my attention when I found out everything they do to help the Central Florida Community.

I guess you can say how I show support is I volunteer with other organizations through Two Spirit. For example I am currently of the executive committee for the United States Conference on AIDS one of the largest conferences of HIV/AIDS in the nation. I serve as the opening reception chair as well as sit on the Trans Lounge & PR Committee. Plus last year I had the honor of being apart of an amazing group of people in Orlando and created the Orlando Trans Collective, in which I got to write the Proclamation that declared Transgender Awareness Week in the City of Orlando….forever!

Tell me about a time you were faced with insurmountable odds, yet persevered to overcome?

I would say within the past few months the after effects of the Pulse Night Club Attack have began to effect me. In 2016, I saw a place that I worked and loved become a scene of an unspeakable act. Although I was not there that night, hearing the stories of what my friends and co-workers went through was something I wish no one would ever have to hear.

To me the odds were letting the hatred of one man overtake the lives and community that I love, but the community did not let hate win and showed that love truly does conquer all. Through that experience I learned that you can come back from anything in the name of love.

Brittani final-2 (1)

What is on your bookshelf?
The Great Gatsby, my favorite book of all time. The romance & thrill of the 20’s mixed with the imagery and mystery get me every time.

Do you believe that social media shows a positive or negative outlook on the women of younger generations?
To me, the answer is yes and no. I think that social media has really shown the power of positivity through different movements such as Body Positivity & Women Supporting Women. But unfortunately Internet trolls exist & I’ve faced them since the Myspace Days. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 positive comments and one negative. That negative one will stick.

My dream would be that the #WomenSupportingWomen movement became so powerful that even the trolls would have to support. Let’s talk about how fierce that would be!

What song do you listen to that psyches you up and makes you feel strong?
Just Fine by Mary J. Blige, how do you not LOVE that song?!

What should every woman know how to do?
Walk into a room like they own it! You better WERK it Ladies! And tease hair, lets me real, nothing is better than big hair.

What quote do you live by?
Dream Big Enough That Your Dreams Scare You. & If They Don’t Dream Bigger.

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