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A Year in Review: Top 30 Evening Gowns of 2017

A Year in Review
Top 30 Evening Gowns of 2017

1. Miss International 2017 Kevin Liliana – Miss International Indonesia wore the best gown of 2017. The aquamarine sequined gown designed by Ivan Gunawan. The dress–entitled “Thallasa: Mother of Sea” featured exquisite textured sequined applique only seen with the likes of Couture designers such as Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad…

2.Miss Grand Venezuela Tulia Aleman Ferrer – This 24 year-old model  was my pick for the title of Miss Grand International. She finished 1st Runner-up and I must honestly admit it was well deserved. She changed her gown from preliminaries to this white and red sequined designed by Indonesian designer ANAZ, who created the gown for Miss Grand South Sudan as well as the outgoing “Miss Grand International 2016”. The added cape seems to be a popular trend right now in the world of pageantry. It takes a confident woman to pull off this design and that woman is definitely Miss Grand Venezuela.

3.Miss Grand Philippines Elizabeth Durado Clenci – Like most of the contestants Durado Clenci chose to change her gown from preliminaries to final night.  The gown is designed by Filipino designer Val Taguba–featured a nude base with lots of emerald and silver colored paillettes. This gown is a true show stopper.

4.Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar – The gorgeous 20-year-old medical student Manushi Chhillar brought home the most coveted Miss World title back to India after 17 long years.  Kudos to the fabulous designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock for designing this powder pink evening gown. The beautiful gown looked straight out of a fairy tale and it was custom-made specially for Manushi. A similar gown from the design house costs a whopping $75,000.The gown fit Chhillar perfectly and was what you would expect a future “Miss World” to wear.

5. Miss Earth Venezuela Ninoska Vasquez – Vasquez wore this royal blue satin gown from Venezuelan designer Hugo Espina.  The gown featured a strapless bustier with an over-the-shoulder fall for drama as well as a side draped/wrapped gown-skirt. LOVED her sleeked back hair and beautiful earrings.

6. Miss Grand International 2017 Maria Jose Lora – Miss Grand International 2017 is Maria Jose Lora of Peru. This lucky representative is the first woman to ever win the golden crown of Miss Grand International 2017 from Peru. This gown obviously wasn’t my favorite gown at Miss Grand International however I do appreciate the fact that she did not change her gown from preliminaries to final.  The golden/nude/blush sequined gown was designed by Maritza Mendoza Atelier of Lima. The gown fit her perfectly.

7. Miss International Mexico Citlaly Higuera – The 5’8” stunner Higuera wore one of my favorite ballgowns of the season. The royal blue ballgown was made her stand out on stage. The color was great for her as well as the silhouette.

8. Miss Grand Indonesia Dea Goesti Rizkita – 23 year old Rizkita stands tall at 172cm, and is a student of Master of Professional Psychology. I liked the outer sequined fabric of this gown however, I didn’t care for the nude mini dress underneath and the silver platform heels. Even with the mini dress and heels I still felt like this gown deserved a place on my list.

9. Miss World America Clarissa Bowers – Bowers wore this stunning creation during the. Miss World Top Model Competition. This gorgeous red lace and chiffon Gown was created by Mac Duggal.

10. Miss International Lithuania Patricija Belousova – Miss International Lithuania’s slate blue/gray ballgown was so modern, so chic, so Haute Couture Refined. Loved it. No idea who designed it though which is kind of sad.

11. Miss Grand Thailand Pam Premika Pamela – This elegant gown worn by “Miss Grand Thailand” featured elaborate black sequined applique over nude crinoline with a center front slit, long sleeves and horsehair-trimmed hem.

12. Miss Universe Thailand Maria Poonlertlarp – 25 year-old half Thai/Swedish Poonlertlarp wore a midnight blue shimmering gown accented with beautiful blue and silver sequins was designed by Asava Thailand . This gown had everything a pageant gown should have;  drama, chic style, and elegance.  The gown also paid homage to traditional Thai dresses, with those GORGEOUS shoulder “flaps” and back tulle capes.

13. Miss International Curacao Chanelle Wilhelmina Maria – 22 year-ol Wilhelmina Maria was 1st Runner-up to. Miss International. The pink/lace off the shoulder gown with chiffon back capes and bouffant hair wasn’t chic or modern however, it’s what you expect to see at Miss International. In fact the entire look ususally works well with the judges panel who prefer a clean “princess” type look.

14. Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters – Peters wore a silver-steel blue Val Taguba gown. This sexy gown featured side cut-outs, a plunging neckline (with an illusion center front panel), side front slit opening and feathered hem. Most women would get swallowed in this type of gown however, when Peters walked out on to the Miss Universe State all eyes were completely on her.

15. Miss USA Kara McCullough – McCullough wore this ivory gown featuring gold and silver sequin embroidery and a Cheongsam look to the design. The gown, created by Sherri Hill, had a fitted sheath silhouette, Mandarin collar, extended shoulders, a super high side front slit and very open front upper torso keyhole.

16. Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters – Nel-Peters wore this column-style designed by South African designer Anel Botha. The nude-based shimmering gown featured 30,000 hand-embroidered Swarovski crystals, a dangerously high center front slit, long sleeves, plunging neckline complete with shoulder pads. for the finals and I will be the first to thank her for changing her gown. I am not sure the velvet green gown she wore during the preliminaries would of had the same stage impact compared to the rest of the final night gowns.

17. Miss International United Kingdom Ashley Powell – Powell wore this  mermaid-shaped pink-and-nude gown with flower appliqué  designed by Almodal Haute Couture by Leo Almodal Philippines.

18. Miss World Mexico Andrea Meza – Meza who placed First Runner-Up at Miss World 2017, wore a strapless white column gown which featured a sequined base with delicate silver and gold crystals.  The gown fitted her like a glove and was a good choice for her skin coloring and is something you expect to see at Miss World.

19. Miss International Japan Natsuki Tsutsui – Tsutsui wore this “mermaid” style powder blue iridescent satin organza gown The gown had a lot going on: white sequined applique,  side nude illusion and a back train overskirt. The gown didn’t need all of this and editing was definitely needed. Thankfully Tsutsui’s beauty outshine this 1980’s relic.

20. Miss Universe Brazil Monalysia Alcantara – Alcantara wore this red gown designed by Gloria Coelho.  The unique gown featured unique paillettes in varying sizes covering most of the entire sheer gown, except for some areas around the waist, sleeves and back.

21.Miss Earth Thailand Paweensuda Drouin – Thai-Chinese Canadian Drouin wore a black strapless sequined gown design. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a lot of information about this gorgeous gown so if anyone out there knows something please feel free to comment below.

22. Miss Supranational Indonesia Karina Nadila – Nadila dreamt of becoming a beauty queen since childhood and it is her family who supported her throughout. She was raised in a family that made her believe in herself and taught her the value of hard-work and determination. A Bachelor of Economics in Accounting, Karina describes herself as a bold, determined and an independent woman.This one shoulder lilac sequined gown featured a high side-front slit very full tulle back “fall”. Although Karina is not among the tallest contestants this year, she looked as if she is one! The cut is perfect, and the craftmanship dedicated to its intricate design deserve much appreciation.

23.Miss Universe Jamaica Davina Bennett – The 23-year-old philanthropist and model wowed the crowd and viewers everywhere, not to mention sparked an instant conversation on social media, when she stepped out wearing an Afro. Sporting her signature afro, Bennett dazzled in a buttercup yellow evening gown swelling the hearts of Jamaicans worldwide with pride.The gorgeous over the the top gown was designed by Uzuri International, whose principals are franchise holders of the local competition, Karl Williams and Mark McDermoth.

24.Miss Supranational Poland Paulina Maziarz -Despite being exhausted from competing at Miss International in Japan, Maziarz still looked amazing! With her thin frame, any gown would look good on her. The sparkles are in the right place, while the lace designs are placed with the right balance and accent. Maziarz wore this column style black sequined lace gown. The dress fits her figure well, it wasn’t vulgar and she didn’t wear platform stripper heels. She looked gorgeous and sophisticated!

25. Miss Universe Colombia Laura Gonzalez – First Runner-Up Gonzalez’s  all-over sequined silver-over-nude column gown designed by Hernan Zajar . The off-the-shoulder style was smart since it opened up that area creating a longer neckline. The dress featured vertically and diagonally placed sequins (50,800 of them–all hand-sewn!) also shaping her figure through the use of crystals. The flower applique in the upper torso gave extra detail that was also nice for the 3/4 shot.

26. Miss Supranational Ecuador Katty Lopez – Yes, we may have seen this type of gown before, but this time Lopez wore it with class and finesse. The aquamarine color is just perfect for her skin tone. The overall cut made her body look even more curvaceous, which is an absolute plus! Although we don’t have a photo of the back side, it is actually very sensual but not provocative.This wasn’t Lopez’s original gown choice as the gown never arrived. Lopez of course did what any other beauty queen in her situation would of done and went with another gown choice. We are not sure what happened to the original gown and we don’t really care because she looked like a million dollars .

27. Miss World France Aurore Kichenin – Kichenin looked like a  Disney princess with this gorgeous white gown. The dress featured a full dress shape, gold paillettes, and a nice sweetheart neckline shape. Her overall styling (hair, makeup & earrings) completed the look.

28.Miss Supranational Wales Rachael Tate – Leo Almodal has done it again!  Tate has this dress ordered from Leo way before Miss Earth 2016 winner Katherine Espin did the phenomenal pose in her pageant. Yes, the overall look may look familiar, but the color, design and cut are different. This is the kind of dress that would look perfect whether on or off stage.

29.Miss World England Stephanie Hill – 2nd runner-up Stephanie Hill wore this baby blue colored gown featuring a column dress with a demure high neckline, flowing overskirt and sequined appliques around the midriff. Overall a clean choice.

30.Miss Earth Nigeria Eucharia Akan – There is a lot going on with this gown however,  it looks amazing. I love risk takers and she pulled this look off with ease. The length is PERFECT and to-the-floor. The silver is on-point and just right for her skin color.

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