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A Year in Review: Top 20 National Costumes

A Year in Review
Top 20 National Costumes of 2017

1. Miss International Japan Natsuki Tsutsui – Miss International Japan won “Best Costume” at Miss International in Japan and it was 100% deserved! This “Fifth Element” futuristic inspired Geisha costume is definitely fashion forward and hands down our favorite national costume of the year.









2.Miss Grand Indonesia Dea Rizkita – You might be wondering what Rizkita’s Final Fantasy costume is supposed to represent about Indonesia. That might be because Final Fantasy often found inspiration for their characters from deities from around the world, and Dea Rizkita’s elaborate costume happens to be based on Ibu Pertiwi (Mother Earth), the Hindu mother goddess of earth who is also the national personification of Indonesia.

3. Miss International Indonesia Kevin Lilliana – Lilliana became the first Miss International from Indonesia. She wore this colorful costume designed by Annisa Febby and according to the description, it is MBOK JAMU GENDONG and the Ancient Secret Potion. In this costume, Lilliana is a fabulously dressed potion seller. The colors and the sequin applique work is EXQUISITE!

4. Miss Universe Japan Momoko Abe – Japan’s candidate to Miss Universe 2017 Momoko Abe wow the audience with her convertible national costume. Abe bagged the national costume award. She wore a black samurai warrior-inspired costume which transforms into a traditional Japanese kimono. Japan’s bet also carried a sword which transformed into a huge fan.

5. Miss Universe Thailand Maria Poonlertlarp – The 25-year-old Thai-Swedish beauty queen Maria Poonlertlarp proudly represented the kingdom in the pageant’s national costume competition with an outfit dubbed “Chasing the Light.” The costume tells a story of the origins of lighting and thunder from the Thai epic Ramayana. Here Maria plays Giant Ramasoon or the God of Thunder, who chased after Mekhala, the Goddess of Light, which in this case is represented by the life-size doll.

6. Miss International United Kingdom Ashley Powell – Miss United Kingdom was literally CARRYING a red with faux ermine trim caped GOLDEN LION! The costume is inspired by the Royal Arms of England, a coat of arms showcasing lions. It’s definitely very original and at the same time, showing something of the UK culture.

7. Miss Grand Philippines Elizabeth Clenci – The beauty queen wore a fully beaded gown and headdress by local designer Jearson Demavivas. The costume was inspired by the T’boli tribe in southern Philippines. “Not many people know much about Mindanao. Now, if they do, they see images of war and conflict. I wanted to pay tribute to the true beauty and representation of just one of the many beautiful cultures in Mindanao,” Clenci wrote in an Instagram post on Instagram prior to Miss Grand International.

8. Miss Grand USA Taylor Kessler – Texas native Kessler’s national costume was inspired by Wonder Woman. The attention to detail from head band all the way down to the boots and shield make this the best superhero national costumes produced by the USA.

9. Miss Supranational Panama Karol Dayana Batista – Dayana Batista’s costume featured a gorgeous multicolored Bird of Paradise-meets-Victoria’s Secret Angel theme. This style of costume is very popular and this was an exceptional one. I loved the gorgeous blue peacock and red rooster feathers and those sequined birds! The bodice and headdress were especially stunning those sequined boots.

10. Miss Supranational Korea Jenny Kim – Kim, who eventually won the top crown, wore another gorgeous and very rich-looking traditional costume. This Hanbok design is meant for Queens…Empresses…Princesses (take your pick!). The detail of the silk brocade and sequined embroidery…and the dragons on her arms and bodice: WOW! Oh, and then there was that stunning gold and jade crown!

11. America’s Miss World Clarissa Bowers -Bowers costume was designed by Mac Duggal. The national costume celebrates a time of rich culture full of dance and music in United States history: the 1920s and was worn during Chimelong Parade of the Nations.

12. Miss Universe South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters – Nel-Peters’ national costume, which she showed off at her farewell, has been designed by Malikah Hajee and Lloyd Kandlin. The outfit is inspired by Namaqualand daisies, proteas and the map of Africa and is made with diamonds and gold and includes the artistic technique of vitreous enameling.

13. Miss Universe Myanmar Zun Thansin -There is always one–or two or three–Miss Universe contestants that “Fall Out” with a SUPER OUTRAGEOUS national costume and so far, it looks as if Miss Universe Myanmar takes this title! Her costume (it’s not just her dress but THE ENTIRE STAGE is part of the costume!) is inspired by Hsaing Waing–Myanmar Traditional Orchestra–a musical ensemble only found in Myanmar and usually played in very formal ceremonies which is composed of 13 traditional musical instruments.

14. Miss Earth Guatemala Maria Jose Castaneda – Castaneda’s national costume won the Gold for Central and North America. This gorgeous creation was made and designed by Guatemalan designer Cesar Alejandro Portillo who creates many of the national costumes for “Miss Guatemala” contestants.

15. Miss International Myanmar Sao Yoon Wadi – Miss Myanmar International 2017 National Costume is inspired by Chin Lone – a type of sport (translated as rattan ball) from Myanmar. Chin Lone is a widely played sport and has been a part of the culture for a long time. The description on the Miss Myanmar International Facebook Page goes on to say that “The beauty about playing Chin Lone is the sport itself is not a competition among the players but for players to perform their parts well and in unity in order to maintain balance. Therefore this National Costume dress is created with rattan replicating the shape of Chin Lone to imply the peace and unity – the essence of the sport which agrees with the nature of Miss International crown”. It was designed by Ahlatt Lumyaung.

16. Miss Grand Laos Chinnaly Nolasing – Her national costume was inspired by the famous Pha That Luang, or the Great Golden Stupa, in Vientiane Capital. The design of the costume is a uniquely stunning feature, embodying the spirit of the Lao people and their virtues. The accents and embellishments featured on this costume present Laos’ cultures, traditions and identity.

17. Miss Supranational Poland Paulina Maziarz – Pualina’s costume celebrated Poland’s Coat of Arms featuring the proud white eagle featuring a golden crown. I loved the depiction and design.

18. Miss Universe Venezuela Keysi Sayago – Venezuela’s contestant, Keysi Sayago, revealed her national costume via social media and it is a “Venezuelan Warrior”. The costume–which includes a metallic silver jumpsuit-like costume and a very glorious “wing” of the Venezuelan flag–represents the brave Venezuelan women and is described as one who rises to the adversity of the present and the future with great history in its sword (coat of arms), worthy thoughts in the present (Bolivar medal), and fair and balanced, intuitive and spiritual protector and above all free (colorful wings of the macaw). The costume (silver part) is made of mirror acrylics making it look like a metallic shell. The overall effect is this strong, powerful Venezuelan woman ready to fight whatever battles and hardships come her way. The costume was deigned by Alejandro Fajardo.

19. Miss Supranational Colombia Tica Martinez – A beautiful tribute to the Dance of the devil of Sabanalarga, highlighting the traditions of the Barranquilla carnival.

20.Miss Universe Canada Lauren Howe – The feathered and sequined design is inspired by the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The look–designed by Bismark Martinez, is entitled “Queen of Ice”

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