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PAGEANT Talks Presents: Miss California United States 2017 Elizabeth Cron

PAGEANT Talks Presents:
Miss California United States 2017 Elizabeth Cron

Introduction: Elizabeth J. Cron has a strong background in live performance. She has worked for over two decades as a touring dancer and storyteller, performing in venues around the world such as EDC in Las Vegas and Escape Theme Park in Singapore. Her passion for travel has sparked a number of documentary project ideas that have shifted her focus from live performance to film where she is developing her craft in both production and performance. Elizabeth is Co-owner of the independent film production company, Baby Mooo Cow Studios, currently in pre-production on its first feature film entitled “Venus”. She will be starring in the sci-fi, coming-of-age, horror film alongside two additional female leads, proving that not only can women carry film, but that there is strength behind female-driven stories. Elizabeth is Co-owner of a second business, Coast 2 Coast Coaching Company, where she works as a life coach focusing on the topics of Healthy Active Lifestyle, Personal Branding, Relationships, and Pageantry. Elizabeth has been heavily involved in the pageant industry over the past three years, racking up the titles: Miss California United States 2017, Ms. Route 66 2016, Miss US Woman of Achievement 2016, Ms. Western States Globe 2015 & 2016, Ms. Newport Coast 2017, and Ms. North Hollywood 2015. Elizabeth has represented the United States twice overseas bringing home the titles Miss Congeniality, Miss Personality, and 1st Runner-up. Her charitable alliances include No Kid Hungry, AIDS LifeCycle, Operation Blankets of Love, and Reading to Kids. This year she hopes to claim the Miss United States crown with her platform “Redefining Beauty” by crushing stereotypes about pageantry and empowering women to be strong role models in their community and careers.

How did you get involved in pageants?
Believe it or not, I found the casting call for my very first pageant on Craigslist. It was Miss California USA. I had just moved out to California and I was searching for acting work. I toyed with the idea of competing for 5 years until I reached the Miss USA age limit. I knew it was ‘now or never’ so I took a leap and tried it. To my surprise, I found the sisterhood I had been searching for and I’ve been participating in pageants ever since.

Why did you decide to compete for the title of Miss California United States?
After aging out of many systems and trying my luck with Ms. Pageants I knew I needed to find a system that gave me the opportunity to compete with women I truly felt were my peers. I attended Miss United States in Las Vegas last year and was so impressed with the USNP Organization. I promised myself I would be back the following year as a contestant representing the state I love – California!

When you heard your name called and put on that sash what emotions or thoughts were going through your head? 
Gratitude was the first emotion I felt. I worked hard over the last six months because I wanted to earn the title, not just win it. When they called my name I was reassured that my efforts were recognized. As the sash was placed over my shoulder, I felt immense ambition. I knew that my work must not only continue, but expand. I take my platform very seriously and that sash gives me the opportunity to take it to the national level.

What was the first thing you did after the pageant?
A photoshoot of course! We had an awesome panel of judges who were so supportive of all the new queens. After photos with them we shot with all the sponsors’ prize packages. I am beyond grateful for the support of our sponsors so naturally it was exciting to get official photographs with their products to show our appreciation!

What are you looking forward to during your reign?
We can’t forget spending this year with my sister queens and meeting everyone at the national pageant; but, I most look forward to traveling and community involvement. California is so big and diverse and to represent it properly it’s my job to get out there and find out what’s important to my fellow Californians. How are we helping our homeless population and immigrant workers? How are we caring for our State and National Parks through the drought and oncoming forest fire season? How will we continue to grow our economy and compete on the world stage? How are we protecting our beaches and marine life? These are just a few of the questions Californians ask themselves and I will be one of the many to lift my voice.

Tell us about your platform?
My platform is #RedefiningBeauty and it has three tenets: The glow is real and comes from within, Making mistakes make you, and Natural beauty is beautiful too. It’s 2017 and beauty is being looked at in a whole new way. Beauty is no longer a deficit; no longer “How do I get what I don’t have that the media is telling me I need?” Beauty is a personal journey of discovering love and acceptance for your unique self. For example, I am a modest 5’2”; a “supermodel” by no means and that’s A-OK. I’m a compact giant and I love me for that!

I love traveling and exploring new cities across the country. If I were to visit your hometown where would you take me? 
I moved to Los Angeles over eight years ago from Allentown, Pennsylvania. (Yes, the same Allentown from that Billy Joel song!) I went to Parkland High School which went viral a number of years ago for looking like the Millennium Falcon from aerial view. It’s the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania but still lined with sprawling farms and factories. Go north and find yourself nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, west and you’ll meet the Amish ready to share their traditional crafts and food. Hungry for a metropolis? Drive an hour east and you’re surrounded by the towering skyscrapers of New York City or head south for the same amount of time and discover Philadelphia, arguably the most historic place in the United States. Anything is possible when you’re “…living here in Allentown”!

What are you looking forward to the most at Miss United States?
I’m most excited for the diversity contestants will bring from all over our country. Different viewpoints, life experiences, and eclectic beauty will be present. As each of us return to our state when all is said and done, we’ll take a little piece of everyone back with us. There is no better way to create understanding and bridge gaps that exist in our society!

What advice would you give to someone who was going to compete in their very first pageant?
DO IT! I receive ‘Tut – Notes from the Universe’ (which I highly recommend signing up for) and I’d like to quote one here. “Material details and specifics are always ‘how’ to get a grander picture of your life and are never important in and of themselves. They’re ‘cursed hows’ disguised as end results.” I say the gown doesn’t matter. The crown doesn’t matter. What absolutely matters is being unequivocally present and authentic. Remember the only person you’re competing against is you and that’s to be the best version of yourself.

Who are your heroes?
First I have to say Jim Carrey. He fought his way into Hollywood then fought Hollywood to be the actor he wanted to be. I can’t lie… He came to me in a dream the night before Miss California United States and I lost it. I’m not one to get star struck, but in my dream he was radiant with inspiration and it brought me to my knees. Second would be Bette White. Her humility and humor are untouchable especially in a world where it’s virtually impossible to have no enemies. Third and last, is my future self. She’s the only person in the whole world that knows what’s right for me and where my path leads. I admire her for her insight and forgiveness. When I make a mistake she gently guides me back to the person I am destined to become.

What should every woman try at least once in her life?
Fall unconditionally in love with someone… then let them go. True love is one of the most magical and terrifying experiences a human can have. Falling in love has a whole set of experiences. Falling out of love can be earth shattering; but on the other side of the entire experience, one realizes their greatness through fortitude, forgiveness, and independence. Never again will she question her value.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
This is another ‘Note from the Universe’… “Being spiritual means seeing yourself as divine, not just of the divine; a creator, not just the created. You needn’t be saved, forgiven, or fixed. You’ve already changed the world, added to its brilliance, and done enough. You’re there because in some long forgotten time, you already earned your wings.”

What’s your one biggest pet peeve?
Self sabotage is the worst! Many think fear of failure drives people but when you look at top achievers in any field, they’ve had to overcome fear of success. If you say you want something, do it! Every decision matters and it’s consistency that counts. One bad choice won’t break you, but 100 right choices will make you. (PS I’m a pretty decent accountability partner.)

Describe yourself in two words?
Kind & Tenacious

What makes you laugh?
Animals! …Well myself around animals. I just love animals so darn much I get really giddy around them which in turn cracks me up. I can’t help but geek out over the cuteness factor!

What item in your closet do you wear the most?
I have one set of workout clothes; I’m big on the uniform idea. It’s so easy to get distracted or deterred from going to the gym. I love it and it’s part of my lifestyle but having one less thing to worry about when I’m getting ready to go makes all the difference.

What is one item you can’t live without?
Ted and Cindy are my teddy bear and baby doll from my childhood. I stopped sleeping with them ages ago but they still live on a dresser in my bedroom. I could never imagine losing that piece of my past.

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