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PAGEANT Talks Presents: National All-American Miss 2016 Caitlin Detreville

PAGEANT Talks Presents:
National All-American Miss 2016 Caitlin Detreville


What is National American Miss (NAM)? Why should girls and young women like yourself enter? NAM is more than just a pageant, it is an organization based on gaining poise, self-confidence, valuable communication and public speaking skills! Helps girls have a competitive edge in a positive way with also encouraging community involvement.

15749679_10154565656415589_208446769_nWhen you heard your name called and put on that sash, what emotions or thoughts were going through your head? I was in complete disbelief when they called me as the new National All American Miss because this has been something that I’ve worked towards for the past 8 years. Just knowing that all the consistent hard work and determination finally paid off, it was the greatest feeling in the world.

I am a huge fan of your evening gown! You looked like a movie star. Who designed your gown and was it love at first sight? Thank you so much! This gown was my favorite that I’ve worn by far! It’s so regal and elegant and I just had to wear it. It was definitely love at first sight because it was literally the first dress I tried on for the pageant and it fit perfectly! I instantly knew that it was the PERFECT gown!

What are you looking forward to during your reign? The national royalty photoshoot in Texas has always been my dream so now that I get the wonderful opportunity to be apart of that, it is so surreal and amazing!

What was your favorite moment at the national pageant? Was it meeting the other contestants, going to 15741079_10154562812120589_6683975609463855558_nDisneyland…what did you enjoy the most? My favorite moments during the national competition was definitely getting the chance to bond with the contestants. They were all such lovely and inspiring young women was an extra added bonus to that incredible week.

Who are your heroes? My parents are my true heroes! They have been with me every step of the way and I love them more than anything.

What should every young women try at least once in their life? I feel as though every women should try public speaking in front of a huge crowd to get the nerves of public speaking out of their system. Especially since it’s one of the biggest fears in the world.

Who is your celebrity crush? My celebrity crush would have to be Shemar Moore, he is one of my favorite actors who just happens to be so handsome!

What is your biggest pet peeve? I really don’t like overly negative people who don’t have anything nice to say about others. It puts a bad taste in my mouth and very upsetting.

What do you like most about the holidays? Family bonding and of course the amazing food is the best thing about the holidays for sure! I always look forward to a great meal as well as a bunch of laughs with my family!

15820067_10154565656235589_656150348_nDescribe yourself in 2 words? The 2 words that I would use to describe myself are confident and goofy! I like saying I am confident because I wasn’t always that way but I’ve learned to be through National American Miss and pageantry in general. I’m goofy because I’m always the girl to be getting caught doing something really silly, laughing really loudly or making others smile.

What makes you laugh? Laughing is one of my favorite things to do for sure! Someone can just tell a really corny joke and I would be the one balled up on the floor laughing my head off. Its really hilarious. So it really doesn’t take too much to create some giggles out of me.

What item in your closet do you wear the most? You can always
catch me wearing some kind of NAM apparel..yes..I love the system that much! Or you can also find me sporting my favorite blackimage1 knee high boots that mom got me!

What is one item you can’t live without? Its a big problem but I can’t live without my phone!

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