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PAGEANT Talks Presents: Miss Grand United States 2016 Michelle Leon

PAGEANT Talks Presents: Miss Grand United States 2016 Michelle Leon
Bio:  At only 19 years of age Michelle Leon has crammed more good will agendas into her life than many people cram into their entire lives. In the four years which have elapsed since before she was crowned, Michelle has travelled to Ecuador on multiple occasions, always intent on helping those less fortunate. She has worked in orphanages and nursing homes and even teamed with the Foundation Eyesight For Everyone in order to donate over 1,500 wheelchairs, eye glasses, eyesight surgeries and more to people in need, helping the elderly with the tools to see again, and providing orphans with the means to enjoy holidays with gifts as well as, giving computers, uniforms and  school supplies to the less fortunate to allow them the means to better embrace education. Michelle has even spoken at the United Nations 2015 Youth Assembly to Youth leaders from all over the world spreading her message and the great works she has done to help those in need. She as well has spoken at the UN Sustainable Development Goals for World Development conference and  at the UN SDGs World conference for the United Nations
The Newly Crowned Miss Grand United States, Michelle has displayed a confidence and determination that has not once wavered as she continues to mature. Still as eager as ever to meet new people and experience new things, Michelle is currently finishing her first year of college, where she will study veterinary medicine. In the future she plans to obtain her degree in Veterinary medicine, opening a foundation helping animals and people all over the world spreading her message on how every life matters.
13438887_1617718045212727_6509399392841532796_nHow did you get involved in pageants?
From a very young age I always had the vision of modeling. When I was about 16 i met a group of people who introduced me to my first local pageant and I fell involve with everything! From runway class to speech class I loved the excitement and the courage i obtained to stand infant of people and spread my message.
Why did you decide to compete for the title of Miss Grand International?
Getting more involved with pageantry and the United Nations i wanted to be apart of a pageant that had a true meaning and related to my message. I feel involve with the concept Stop the war And  Violence because it works right into  The sustainable development goals ( Goal # 16 Peace, Justice and Strong institutions ) which i take part in every time i speak at the United Nations.
When you heard your name called and put on that sash what emotions or
Thought were going through your head?
I definitely was shocked. I knew i put so much hard work and effort into that pageant and i was giving my 120% that when I actually heard my name being called I felt joy and excitement and so many feeling just rushing through my head!
What was the first thing you did after the pageant? michelle
Well before the pageant i spent 2 months on an intense diet! After the pageant all of my family came to my house and we celebrated with music and dancing! and we definitely celebrated with chicken wing and burgers now that my diet was over ( ( for that day)  !!
What are you looking forward to during your reign?
Aside from getting to meet knew people at every one of my event i most definitely looking forward to the pageant! I cant wait to get there and meet all the candidates and give the pageant my 120%
What’s been your favorite moment so far as Miss Grand International?
I would definitely have to say that attending Peace Day at the United Nations for the Mission of Costa Rica was the most thrilling event i have ever attended at the Un! It really was a day full of networking and helping us understand why peace is so important and how we can put it in our daily lives!
What are you looking forward to at Miss Grand International?
One of my biggest dreams is to travel around the world! I would have to say that i am most excited about seeing the traditional costumes because i feel like i can see a little bit about everyone’s culture all in one night!
14199483_1650244538626744_1212831542207533640_nWho is your inspiration?
As typical as it might sound my inspiration is my mother. She is my rock and i don’t know what i would do without her unending support. she pushes me to be the young lady i am today with her guidance and love.
What should every woman try at least once in her life?
Every woman must try public speaking at least once. Some people might have stage fright but i feel that no matter the audience its the best way to promote yourself, have others understand your message, and find confidence in courage in every single one of your activities!
What is the best advice you’ve been given?
The best advice i have received is to be independent. We are living in a world were anything is possible and now more than ever. If we set our mind to something no matter what we can achieve it on our own.
What’s your favorite Halloween costume?
Halloween is something that i loved celebrating (maybe its all the candy 🙂 ) i wouldn’t say that i have a favorite just because i love dressing up into something different each year.
Describe yourself in two words? 13502027_1617718038546061_6400800885134013143_n
compassionate and altruistic
What item in your closet do you wear the most?
my earring! I’m constantly wearing them because if I’m ever in a rush and i forgot to put some jewelry on i know i have my earring to complete my look!
What is one item you can’t live without?
I would have to say something that they recently gave me as a gift in the UN its a beautiful hand crafted notepad from china. I’m constantly writing notes for things i need to do or just things in general so its something that i always carry with me!
Photographer – Kelvyn Peralta
Makeup – Belkis Rodriguez
Hair – Daniela Duran
Dress – Victor Lopez
Stylist – Eduardo Rosario
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