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Staying on Track While Traveling

Courtnee Anderson  – When preparing for a pageant, if you are working out and eating healthy, it can be a bit scary going away for a trip in the midst of everything. I travel frequently for work and to see my family, so I am going to share my top 3 tips that have helped me stay on track while traveling. Let me start off by saying…. A trip shouldn’t be a scary venture! And preparing for your event shouldn’t prevent you from going on the trip either. You still have to live your life regardless of everything that is going on, and you shouldn’t miss out on family time just because you are preparing for an event. I am going away for a week in October and I have already begun planning how I will stay on track for the trip as my event is in March.

Tip #1: Pack Snacks. I cannot stress this enough. I eat multiple times per day, and I have some food allergies, so my snacks are a life saver when I go away. I can’t always depend on the convenience store to carry the healthiest food choices, especially ones that are allergen friendly. I typically pack protein shakes, raw almonds (as well as other nuts and seeds), rice cakes, nut butter, avocados, fruit (apples, bananas), and veggies that don’t need to be kept in the fridge.

Tip #2: Eating out won’t ruin your progress, depending what you order of course. Now when I say that, I don’t mean go and order a large chili cheese fries and a huge ice cream sundae at every meal every day of the trip. Just pick a healthier option at the place you are eating at. When I eat out at a restaurant, I scan the menu to see what would be the best and narrow it down to a few options. I usually go for a salad minus the dressing, or ask for grilled chicken and 2-3 sides of seasonal vegetables. Since I count my macros, I then have room later for something fun. I have seen some girls order a steak and veggies, or fish and veggies. All are good options. Sometimes the appetizers on the menu are good too. To cut down on the calories, I always ask for the veggies to be steamed, and ask that they don’t cook the food in oil or butter (I am allergic to dairy so I naturally say no butter). Also watch out for cheese and nuts in a salad, same with dressing, it can add a lot of calories very quickly.

Tip #3: Get in any exercise you can. When I travel alone, I always stay at a hotel that has a gym, or I stay near a gym in the town. If that is not an option, try a hotel workout in your room. There are tons of videos on YouTube for full body workouts just using your body weight that are great. Anything to break a sweat is better than no workout at all! I always pack a skipping rope and resistance band. They are both inexpensive options that you can get creative with. Skipping is a great option to get in some cardio. I also track my steps every day, so if the hotel/town doesn’t have a gym, I make sure I am walking a lot and keeping active. I am one of those people that always takes the stairs and parks far away, every little bit adds up J

Most importantly don’t stress so much that you don’t enjoy your trip! One weekend away won’t derail you if you do fall off the wagon a bit. Just get back on track when you get home. Every time I travel, I do get nervous, but if you take the extra steps initially, it will help you be more relaxed on the trip. Your fitness lifestyle should fit into your life, not be a burden. Depending how close to competition I have been, I have gone the extra mile to ensure I stay on track. Not everyone has the luxury or ability when planning, but some other things I have done are book a hotel with a kitchenette, order food from a meal prep company, and find my chain gym in the area I am travelling too (it’s open 24 hours a day). The more you travel, the more you can get into a routine of what works and what doesn’t, it may just take a few trips to get a handle on things.


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