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PAGEANT Talks: Miss United Continents U.S. Alexi Gropper


Alexi Gropper    13726644_10207115759637778_7077712797107784929_n

Age: 20

Home:  Wellington, Florida

Occupation: Student at Palm Beach Stage College majoring in Biology

Goal: A successful Plastic Surgeon

Hobbies: Swimming and Modeling

Fun Fact: Competed in 2 Junior Olympics


12644671_10205925270076283_1668362190958603348_nHow did you get involved in pageants?

When I was 8 years old my mom entered me in my first pageant. I loved being on stage. I have won the following titles: Florida U.S. International, Russia Petite, Florida USA Dream Girls, Sunshine State for Royal International Miss, and Georgia United Continents.

Why did you decide to compete for the title of Miss United Continents U.S.?

I wanted to compete for a title that would allow me to travel.

You have been in Ecuador for a few days now. Are you adjusting okay?

I have adjusted amazingly even with lack of sleep, I am an adrenaline junkie and thrive on the excitement! I love all the travel and excitement of the pageant.

What’s been your favorite part so far about Ecuador? The competition?14390693_756199667852676_1745543585003882027_n

I have fallen in love with the people and the country. I have been made to feel very special and the people are so kind! There will always be competition so I need to stay focused and prepared for whatever happens during the competition. I would like to also give a big shout out to Adam Hernandez who designed my dress and national costume!

What would you tell Americans visiting Ecuador is a must-do?

Must go to the Malecon and make sure you take time to walk around and take everything in. It is filled with history, stores and parks that appeal to all ages and all people.

What did you bring with you the competition?

I brought 3 suitcases with enough clothing and backup clothing to last 3 weeks which included my national costume which weighed 14 pounds. A pageant girl is always prepared and has backups of everything. I also brought my Mom and my Florida/Georgia Director Suzi. I learned how to cram 2 weeks of clothing into one suitcase which is what we were allowed while traveling. I am a professional packer!

13147706_1351919611501719_375460624227767957_oWhat are you looking forward to the most at Miss United Continents?

Meeting girls all over the world working thru language barriers and learning that we ALL want the same things in life.

Miss United Continents is a relatively new pageant here in the United States. How do you plan on promoting your title? 

When I return to the US I plan on making appearances promoting my title hoping to unite peace between the continents. Creating awareness that international pageants can be a life altering experience that teaches so many skills.

What’s been your favorite moment so far as Miss United Continents U.S.?

Being here! I feel extremely comfortable on stage and I want to the show the world that the USA is a force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait for people to see my custom designed gown.

Who are your heroes?

My hero is my mom who is always there for me. She adopted me from Russia when I was one. She has given me a life that I have never of dreamed of. She is always there for me whether it’s a pageant, school, or event. My other hero is Will Smith. He not only has shown that hard work pays off but shows that family is first and he has always remained humble.

What should every woman try at least once in her life? 14355577_754986691307307_5391181593738194255_n

Every woman should try a pageant as beauty has no size, no age, or color barrier. Even my Mom is a pageant queen and currently holds an Elite title.

Describe yourself in two words?

Two words that describe me are athletic and vivacious. I worked out every single day to make sure I remain fit, it’s a huge part of my lifestyle.

What makes you laugh?

Facebook post by my mom and Suzi! I love seeing photos of all of their adventures here in Ecuador!!

12642524_10205941404679638_8076809529302507293_nWhat item in your closet do you wear the most?

I wear my footie PJs the most. I’ve been wearing footie PJs since I was one years old.

What is one item you can’t live without?

I cannot live without bottled water. I always have a bottle with me.


Photo Credit: Facebook. All rights to photographers

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