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Homework…that inevitable and daunting task imposed upon us by grammar and high school teachers that we love to hate.  If you decide to further your education and go to college, you begin to realize the important and enlightening aspects that provide us with the in-depth knowledge that makes issues clear.  The chore of research is something that, after our formal education, some of us think is in our past.  The fact, however, is that we should be conducting research on a continuous basis.  If you are a pageant participant, research is of the utmost importance.

To enter any given pageant not only takes funding, styling, and creativity.  We must first research into what the system expects, how former winners presented themselves, and whether or not the title represents what we espouse.  Titles are great, but if they are won without knowledge of what expectations will be placed upon us, it is, in fact, a hollow victory.  Those who fly from competition to competition, expecting that their pageant package will translate effectively from one cavalcade to the next, thinking that superficial awareness of in-depth specifics is enough are in for a rude awakening.  Beautiful faces and fancy dresses only go so far.  Presence and impressions are a mainstay in garnering points and consistency.

The awareness of what is required of a titleholder is also advisable of fans as well.  As outlined in my last diatribe, those who support us should be doing so with the knowledge of what is going to be expected of us not only at the moment but after the fact for the rest of the reign.  One detriment that many contestants are blind to are those around us who are yes people.  Those who will agree with others just to prop them up, sometimes ending in an inevitable failure, are not interested in their idol’s best interest but solely in seeing and being seen.  Supporters, be honest.  That’s always the best policy.   Contestants, understand that constantly hearing positives without constructive criticism should be a red flag.  Do your homework, Folks!

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