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Fall 2016 Fashion Trends for Men’s Wear

By Jacenta Barel

For Fall 2016, Men’s Wear fashion trends were smart, sharp, and even a bit flashy.  No basic or boring for today’s stylish and modern man. The most interesting “trend”? A lot of crossover from women’s wear and men’s wear!!

5 of the Top Trends for Fall 2016 in Men’s Wear include:

1) Rust, Copper, Muted Orange, Reddish Browns: Rich autumnal colors were found on the men’s runways. This warm and flattering palette was found in everything from sweaters, pants, coats, as well as accessories from belts to shoes.


2) Furs and Shearlings: Yes furs! Furs and Shearlings are not just the “it” coat for women, but for men as well. Styles were much bigger and more bulky in design than their female counterparts. But just as equally bold in cut and textures!

3) Military: As military influences have played a major role in men’s wear for centuries, it isn’t surprising to see it on the runways this Fall. The military influences found were ranging from subtle or bold elements – from gold buttons and braiding, tailoring, officer stripes, to bold graphic detailing. And no particular historical era was off limits: think Late Baroque and Neoclassicism adding flavor for a ‘modern’ twist.

4) Loose Tailoring: Hemlines and tailoring have loosened up this season. Trousers with flares or an overall looser fit (wider at the thigh and foot) were seen on all runways including the usually sleek Hermes runway. This looser trend is also seen in suits, being paired with laid back sneakers, and not dress shoes. And not a tie in sight!

5) Formal Pajamas: You read that correctly…pjs! Lush silk pajamas in black, white, prints or jewel tones. This progression from the silk shirt trend, has resulted in full head-to-toe pajama formalwear, or subtle nods like a pj shirt over a sleek black turtleneck at Valentino.


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4 Comments on Fall 2016 Fashion Trends for Men’s Wear

  1. Really cool post! Pretty informative too.


  2. Suits // April 24, 2017 at 8:37 AM // Reply

    Very inspiring post!


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