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Rose Buckley is International Ms. 2017

Rose Buckley is International Ms. 2017

The crown is headed to the Diamond State!

 Rose Buckley, the reigning International Ms. Delaware, was crowned Internationaffe4ff_f951406cc6db4df4bf9b3cb23bc00732-mv2l Ms. 2017 at the conclusion of the inaugural international pageant held on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at the beautiful Affinia Manhattan Hotel in New York City. Buckley succeeds Melissa Hill.

Buckley, 31, beat out International Ms. Maryland Shenetta Malkia, who placed second, and International Ms. Kansas Tracy Bowman, who finished third. International Ms. New York Kery Champlin and International Ms. California Danielle Alura rounded out the top five.

The International Ms. Pageant was founded by Laura Clark. The international pageant is open to all women (single or married) between the ages of` 26-39. Thirteen amazing women from across the United States traveled to the Big Apple.

Buckley, 31, is a former Ms. Delaware United States in 2015.  She currently resides in Frederick, Maryland and works as a corporate translator/medical review specialist and also own two successful businesses, Corpore Wear LLC and Shoe la Vie.

When you heard your name called and put on that sash what emotions or thought were going through your head? – When Melissa was crowning me, I felt like it was a dream! I kept saying to myself “Is this real?!??”  It was something I had worked towards for so long, and I had finally achieved my goal, I was just on Cloud 9!!!

What was the first thing you did after the pageant? – Immediately after the pageant, I met with friends, changed into comfortable clothes and celebrated with a slice of New York pizza! ffe4ff_21203ef8483a4b91aa90a10bd9173a16-mv2_d_1884_1382_s_2

What are you looking forward to during your reign? – As you know, this is the inaugural year of International Ms., and I am very excited that I get the opportunity to help grow the organization.  We have a great vision for the pageant and I look forward to traveling and recruiting other countries to join our organization. Furthermore, working with charities is something very near and dear to my heart, so the opportunity to do more, with an international platform, to help people in need is something I feel very honored to be able to do this year.

How do you plan on promoting the title of International Ms. 2017? – International Ms. is a fantastic organization that I am extremely proud to represent, and promoting it will be an endeavor that will include multiple strategies. In addition to the well-known promotion tool of social media, I will be going out into communities across the United States, and also across the world to connect on a personal level with people.   Furthermore, I have already scheduled many events and appearances where I will be meeting influential people who can also help get the word out about our great organization.


International Ms. 2017 Final Results

First Runner-Up: Maryland – Shenetta Malkia
Second Runner-Up: Kansas – Tracy Bowman
Third Runner-Up: New York – Kerry Champlin
Fourth Runner-Up: California – Danielle Alura

Special Awards

Interview: Delaware –  Rose Buckley
Photogenic: Texas –  Tien Davis
Multi-Media:  Maryland –  Shenetta Malkia
Runway: Delaware – Rose Buckley
Swimwear: Maryland – Shenetta Malkia
Evening Wear: Kansas – Tracy Bowman
Congeniality: Maryland – Shenetta Malkia
Directors Award: Arizona – Nicole Aldomovar

images: Starlight Media Illustrated

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