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Merriam-Webster (2016) defines the word fanatic as “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.”  The root word is “fan,” which is one who is aligned to supporting another in their quest.  When supporting a contestant in their desire to compete for a title, there have been a copious amount of times when I personally have witnessed people pull a Jekyll and Hyde act when their contestant of choice is not awarded a title at the end of any given competition.  There are times when it’s amusing, other times when it’s off-putting, and then times when it becomes alarmingly disturbing.  People, remember that your actions reflect on others, especially when you are supporting someone.  When family, friends, and fans of a competitor become vociferous in support of a contestant after the fact, at times resorting to tactics that they would not employ when in their right mind, the words and deeds that are employed become lasting impressions not only of that particular person but of the contestant for which they are backing.

However, the coin does have two sides.  Contestants, even though you are not, and should not, be responsible for the actions of others, the fact remains that what you put out there influences more than it inhibits.  Whereas we all want to be viewed as empathetic and affable, there are times when we have to speak out against those who are demonstrating questionable or unacceptable behavior.  Whether that person is a relative, friend, or fan, the fact that they are speaking on behalf of your candidacy invokes your presence in the situation even if you are not physically present.  This is most definitely the case when a promoter or producer of any given event is being attacked for the outcome of a competition, even though the outcome is not dictated by that person.  Entering a competition is a gamble, unless it is rigged.  If that be the case, why bother entering as there is not a level playing field.  So, Folks, learn to count to ten (or one hundred if need be).  Take your stance and channel the feelings it incurs into positive action.  To demonstrate your inner lowest self does nothing to promote yourself or for what you stand.  Remember, actions DO speak louder than words.

“Fanatic.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 26 Aug. 2016.

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