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Hitting a Wall

image1Katherina Sherman

Teen Miss Nevada Earth 2016


Hi I’m Katherina Sherman. Teen Miss Nevada Earth 2016. I am 18 years old. I’m a Singer, Model, and Motivational Speaker for my generation. The ideas I am passionate about sharing come from myself and the knowledge and wisdom I have learned and obtained overtime through life and personal experiences. I aspire to be a light of inspiration to the younger and up and coming generations because I don’t think there are enough role models to follow or share common ground with as we grow up and experience this journey we call “Life.”

The easiest way to broadcast and document our everyday life experiences is through Social Media. It’s not easy growing up in a generation that is constantly quick to post our success or accomplishments for instant gratification but never highlight our losses or what some might say “failure.” Nobody is comfortable or motivated to share our downfalls , failures, or what I like to call the experiences that didn’t work out according to plan but taught us something because of it. And today this is what I want to share and shed light on.

As young as I am today I have experienced many failures throughout my life. Recently a big one. The reason why I think it’s important to share is because many of us want to quit, shrink ourselves, and crawl back into our comfort zones once life hits us and puts us in uncomfortable situations and circumstances. And I’m here to tell you as much as you want to and you’re going to feel that way during certain areas and times in your life you absolutely cannot. Because just like you and anyone else who attempted and tried at something in their lives I too have not always come in first. There are many times in my life so far when the answer I got use to hearing was “No.” or I have seen undesired outcomes because some people did not believe in my vision or purpose.

Having a dream comes with a price. And I commend every single person for having a dream but also having the willingness to make their dream a reality. It’s tough. As a young person like myself the recent position I have been in took me by surprise. And this is why I title this article “Hitting a Wall” because I hit a wall in my life and was blindsided. I didn’t know what my next step was, how to recover, and what I was capable of doing afterward. It hurt. Having worked so hard, sleepless nights, preparing, praying, preparing my harvest for my blessing and having faith that it might turn out the way I envisioned all for it to be crushed in the blink of an eye was heartbreaking. Flying home empty handed, endless tears, and drained emotions trying to figure out what or where I went wrong. It’s all apart of the process. I’m here today because I have been in your shoes. And maybe my experience can help you overcome the walls in your life.

A lot of times in life not everything goes according to plan. However the one thing I came back with even if I was not awarded for was my purpose. And I promise you that is the most important thing that will carry you through and sustain you when life makes you run into walls. Knowing your reason behind doing what you strive for no matter how hard it hurts to fall flat on your face is your turning point to give you what you need to try again. I had to remind myself on a daily basis of what my purpose is and what I hold true in my heart despite whether judges, critics, society, friends, or whoever else doesn’t believe in what I’m doing. Having that burning desire in your heart will lead you to the next step even if you can’t see it yet. My mindset was full of options but giving up was not a choice.

No matter how life tries to blindside you or how many walls you may hit on your way to fulfilling your desires and greatest passions remind yourself of your WHY and I promise you the HOW does not matter. Your big breakthrough may not have happened the timing you expected it too but that doesn’t mean you aren’t inching closer to it with every step and decision you make next.


“When Life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.” – Les Brown



If you would like to connect with me personally and through social media for more inspiring/motivational content, follow me on:

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1 Comment on Hitting a Wall

  1. This is so inspiring and so true! The greatest challenge is always recovering from hitting the wall, but we also have the opportunity to uncover our greatest strengths.. I know you will continue to do big things and make your dreams come true while inspiring all of us to do the same! Thank you for sharing your journey Katherina! ❤


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